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How to identify if a review online is real or fake

We have spoken many times about how important it is to read the reviews when you are making your purchases online. Reviews of a product or company will give you great information and will be a big part of your decision to buy online so it's important that you learn how to interpret and identify whether they are real or not.

Since many companies pay people to write their fake reviews, in this short article will offer important tools that will help you distinguish between false or "bought" reviews and actual reviews.

  1. Fake reviews tend to focus too much on some detail of the product, shop or service. They usually focus on the "selling points" or aspects that can attract a prospective buyer to exaggerate the benefits of buying the product.

These reviews are also often repetitive and are written almost like a product description.

  1. Read false positives (3-4 stars) carefully. People who provide a 3-4 star review do so for a specific reason, they either did not like something, weren’t satisfied with customer service or had an argument of sorts with the seller.

Not all reviews written in this way are reliable as there are many online shoppers with unrealistic expectations but overall, this is the best way to know the disadvantages of buying the product.

  1. Videos that compare or review a product can also give you lots of information and let you see at a glance the quality of a product and listen a real person talk about the experience they had with the store.
  2. The real reviews are usually very personal. Usually, a person who has actually bought the product, explains why they bought, what was the use given to it, what is the current state of the product, they mention insecurities about future usage or wear, etc.
  3. Check the profile of the person who wrote the review. If they’re new or don’t have an active profile, it is possible that the review is unreliable.
  4. Check the frequency and number of criticisms that have been made for a specific period of time in relation to the date on which the product hit the market.

Large amounts of positive reviews in a short time (a matter of days or hours) are unreliable and probably false.

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