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Understanding The Different Online Payment Solutions

Understanding The Different Online Payment Solutions

Each year, more and more people become converts to online shopping. The convenience of it and the ability to hunt down bargains makes it attractive to even the most casual of consumers.


Unfortunately though, online shopping isn't without its downsides. With scammers and hustlers waiting at every turn, it's important to be vigilant when parting with money on the internet.


One way you can protect yourself is by using a reputable online payment solution. Here are some of the best.



PayPal, used to be owned by the company that operates eBay, is the web's most popular online payment solution. Not only is it convenient, it's also extremely safe.


Millions of people around the world shop using PayPal and do so because of the protection it offers them. Retailers aren't able to see your credit card information when you buy something, meaning the risk of fraud is virtually nil. PayPal also protects you up to $1000 if you're scammed, as long as your account is verified.


Google Wallet

Google Wallet, a Google venture, is fairly new to the online payment scene. Despite that though, it's making huge ground on its competitors. Part of the reason for this rapid growth is the convenience offered by this payment solution. Upload your payment details and buy products with the click of a button.


Google also use some of the best encryption methods, meaning your account is extremely safe from hackers or rogue traders.



Skrill is a lot like PayPal and Google Wallet, just less popular. Fewer retailers accept Skrill payments; however, the number that do is growing.


Skrill is the result of a merger between two large online payment solutions, so you can be sure the business knows what it takes to run a successful online wallet.


If you're having problems with PayPal or Google Wallet, Skrill is a viable alternative. It's safe, convenient, easy to use, and is accepted by major companies like Skype, William Hill, eBay, and Bet365.



Payza is the least popular online payment solution on this list, but that's no fault of its own. The business offers users the chance to send money with the touch of a button and pay for many of their purchases online.


Payza is a good alternative to PayPal, which isn't accepted in some countries.


While not every company will accept payment via Payza, many now do, which is helping this business grow in popularity.


Which is The Right Solution for You?

Unfortunately, there is no perfect online payment solution. There are just several really good ones that offer different things to suit different needs.


PayPal and Google Wallet are probably the most widely accepted solutions, so if you're new to the world of online shopping, it's best to begin by using one of those.


If you've had problems with either, Skrill or Payza are viable alternatives. They just take a little more getting used to.

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