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Yessy is a privately held corporation located in Lakewood, Colorado and was founded by an artist for the purpose of providing...read more

Yessy is a privately held corporation located in Lakewood, Colorado and was founded by an artist for the purpose of providing a better way to buy and sell art.

Since the beginning, the pursuit of Yessy has been to provide a wide variety of artists the opportunity to sell their art in a manner that is easy-to-use, powerful, and affordable. They believe it is more important to assist and contribute to the art community rather than focusing on financial gain. It is this philosophy that keeps any fees low, provides genuine help to artists and art buyers, and builds trust and loyalty in the art community.

Yessy is able to ease many of the difficult tasks associated with selling art, freeing artists to focus on what they love to do, creating artwork. Artist's can display their art within minutes and make it available for purchase instantly. Yessy manages the commerce aspects and when art is purchased, the funds are instantly transferred directly to the artist. Yessy artists also benefit as a group, promoting art on a greater scale than is possible by an individual artist.

The enjoyment of buying art is enhanced with fast-loading and clutter-free pages, logical browsing and searching, along with the ability to instantly purchase from a large variety of art and artists. The clean, simple, and functional design of Yessy allows the focus to remain on the artwork.

There are no hidden fees with Yessy. Yessy feels it is in everyone’s best interests to communicate in a clear, straight-forward, and easily understandable manner. Yessy does not believe in popup advertising, spam, or other similar tactics, and will not advertise using such methods. Yessy is technologically advanced, but there are also good values to be learned from the past.

The name Yessy is a tribute to a fellow artist from Colombia, South America who will always be remembered for her integrity and inspiration.

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